MAC or PC Client what is the difference?

When we first started creating our LaunchPad application our goal was to be 100% native client for both Mac & PC. This means the client runs locally using real code. This means Mac users will not have to run some emulation program to run Launchpad because it's 100% Mac code and the PC runs 100% Windows code.

While this lengthens development time a great deal it allows us to deliver the best experience to our users. Mac users are typically left out in the cold when it comes to Internet Marketing Applications and being Mac users ourselves we knew it needed to be created.

Our code base is almost 99% the same for Mac & PC, meaning everything works the same. All but a few technical limitations such as GUI "graphical user interface" platform standards and security limitations the application works identically on both platforms and there is no difference.

In fact, we are about 90% code ready for a Linux distribution, but at this time we are not actively developing a Linux client and focusing entirely on Mac & PC.  If time allows and if there is enough demand for a Linux application we will develop one.