Can not login to LaunchPad

If you are a newly registered user, the authentication system can take up to 10 minutes to spread your login information across all our servers. If this is the case please allow 10 minutes to pass and try again. This is just the initial setup that requires this, afterward, your login will always be available.

Username is always lowercase and passwords are case sensitive meaning you have to type them in exactly as you did when you created the account. Your welcome email will display the password as you typed it.

If you need to reset your password you can do so from

After trying the above and you still can not log in please open a support ticket.

Please Note:
If your account has been canceled, then you will no longer have access to LaunchPad. If an account has been compromised or shared publicly it will also be disabled. We track login IPs and will disable abusive accounts or clients who have been (hacked) tampered with.