Unlike many business that operate online, we understand that sometimes a product just does not work with your WordPress site, or is not what you expected it would be. There are no hard feelings and we want you to be happy with all your dealings with Marketer Genius.

We typically offer a 30 days no questions asked refund policy, please check your product sales page for the refund policy on it. If you are within your refund policy coverage all you have to do is submit a ticket to billing with the order details such as date, transaction number and product name we will promptly handle it from there.

When requesting a refund please provide as much information as possible such as transaction / order numbers, date of purchase, your contact information. This will speed the refund process up greatly.

NOTE: Please make sure before requesting a refund that it is a product that sold directly by us and not another vendor. Often times we are affiliates of other vendors, if that is the case only the vendor that sold the product can issue the refund as they are the ones that took the money for the purchase.